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Journal Article Review on The Origin of Old-Earth Geology, and its Ramifications for Life in the 21st Century by Doctor Terry Mortenson.

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This document is a journal article review providing a brief synopsis, observed strengths, and observed weaknesses of Doctor Mortenson’s “The Origin of Old-Earth Geology and its Ramifications for Life in the 21st Century”. This article is not an attack on Christianity or the Christian ideology. This paper is simply an honest attempt to review Mortenson’s information provided, his hypothesis, and venue chosen for Christian Apologetics.
Brief Overview and Main Points
The Origin of
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Each science developed a hypothesis based on their worldviews, and spent all their energy trying to prove that it is true rather than being open to alternatives. This article was very detailed and informative leaving conciseness to the wayside.
Article Weaknesses
The article was flawed in a since that the author let his biases digress his topics away from the intent of the article. The author begins on the right track discussing Old-Earth background, and keeping the focus on the topic. Mortenson goes on to spend 12 paragraphs digressing into sciences outside of Old-Earth geology, and their arguments against the Old-Earth theory. These two sections of his article were irrelevant, and took the article far off topic from its original intended direction.
Mortenson got back on track in his last paragraph writing about ramifications of the Old-Earth theory. However, while doing so, he began making ridiculous claims that this theory was a major factor in the downfall of society, “the last 170 years in the Western world has confirmed the scriptural geologists’ worst fears. The West is in rapid moral and social decline” (Mortenson, 2003, 6/9). This was addressing the Social Geologist’s theory that the society would reject the bible, and eventually decay. The idea that today’s Western society is worse off than it was when the laws and government were under religious oversight is ridiculous. Our author seemed to have

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