Self-Centered Mom Craves A Role Model

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After giving a brief summary for the article, do I agree with how the media person responded? If I were given the same summary how would I have responded?

Answer: In the article ‘Daughter of Self-Centered Mom Craves a Role Model’ the daughter explains that she feels that when she speaks to her mom, the mom turns the conversation about her problems. “Lost Soul” expresses that her mother has a happy and healthy life, going out with friends and has a job that she loves. In all of this though she doesn’t make time to spend time with her kids. The daughter just wants a role model in her life that will replace the relationship that she isn’t getting from her mom. The media person responded with a caring and understanding tone of voice.
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49). In my opinion on this type of family issue I would have been more focused on the relationship between mother and daughter. I would have replied to the problem not with an alternative solution to the problem but help the “Lost Soul” deal with and confront the issue with her mother head on. Even though that the columnist did respond appropriately in the beginning telling the “Lost Soul” that she isn’t alone, that others have felt the same way in similar situations. I wouldn’t have given the girl advice to avoid her problems with her mother. I’d given her advice on how to speak with her mother about her concerns with their relationship. Even though she portrays her mother as selfish a mother still is a human and she won’t know about her daughter's issues with her unless she voices them to …show more content…
The aunt they normally ask to watch the two toddlers couldn’t do it. So they asked the boyfriend's cousin that they both trusted. They stalked the pantry and told her the kids routine and left. The couple came home a bit later than expected due to causes out of their control and the cousin was furious. The cousin then procceeded to storm out of the house. Once the couple took a close look at the kids they realized that the food hadn’t been opened or the diapers. Their kids smelled strongly of urine like they hadn’t been changed since they had left. The parents were very angry by this and just wanted some answers as to why the cousin didn't take care of their kids as she should have.
The columnist responded by validating the mothers feelings of anger that her kids weren’t taken care of as they should have been. The columnist also advised that the mother not go and cut the cousin out of her children's life. The mother wouldn’t get the answers she needed to feel at peace about the situation if she cut the cousin out of the family's life. Also giving reasoning to the situation by saying that “There must be a reason why your children’s needs were neglected.”(Abigail Van Buren,2017,p.1). Suggesting that ,maybe there is cousin is neglecting her own children as

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