Wujcik Family Case Study Essay

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Case Note #2


In this second case note, the Wujcik family has seeked assistance in addressing underlying issues in unequal parental roles and duties within their marriage. The family consists of both parents Tim being the father, age 43, and mother Toni, age 40. They both have two sons and one daughter. The oldest son is Alec, age 6, and the second oldest son is Bryce, age 4. The youngest sibling is Carly, being one year old. The Supernanny show is based on the U.S. Season 2 episode 16.


The participant seeking assistance is the wife, Toni. The introductory video demonstrates how stay at home mother, Toni, makes her case about having to deal with three ‘difficult’ children and a father, Tim, who is an executive
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Toni, age 40, welcomed me home and immediately met Tim, the father age 43, with all three children Alec, age 6, Bryce, age 4, and Carly, one year old. After presenting ourselves, suggested they continue to their daily routine. Toni then directed me downstairs to the children 's play room. The playroom exhibited a vast amount of toys the children could play with. The children also had a second playroom. Intrigued by how the children followed with their daily activities, the children would throw their toys around from time to time without any regard if they broke or not. In the meantime, I briefly conversated with the children on how they treated their toys. The boys stated that the toys would sometimes break but their father would eventually fix them. The boys did exhibit some aggressive traits and onsets of unrest. The day followed into snack time where Bryce was demanding a certain snack, lacking any authoritative respect towards both parents. Neither parent were able to correctly address the situation. The mother is left behind to clean the dinning hall where snack time took place. At the same time, Tim took all three children downstairs to the playroom. Conversing with Toni, she explains how she would rather play with the children instead of always being left behind to clean any mess done by the children. She showed signs of uneasiness and frustration when talking about their unequal …show more content…
At the beginning, the children seemed to help mom cook and were cooperating. Although, Tim created a confusion when Toni, the mother, ordered the children to do something else. Tim did not help address the problem of disobedience of the children towards their mother but diverted their attention and created miscommunication between both parents. Both parents need to cooperate and communicate effectively to achieve a collective goal. While putting away their toys, Bryce, would go on and have a temper tantrum. Tim addressed the tantrum but did not do it effectively. Both parents should be able to put them in a time out. This helps in not reinforcing any behavior that is negative or detrimental to the punishment being placed. Toni, when serving the meal was not successful in having all children eat their meal. Toni did not demonstrate the same approach as the first time. Toni needs to be more enthusiastic and praise their children when following through with her children eating their meal. Both parents need to review the activities aforementioned, and implement them effectively. A second progress note is needed. A second progress check-up seemed to go well. Children seemed to be more responding to parents orders. Both boys also showed signs of cooperation. Tim, the father, was now able to go through his authoritative persona when schooling one of the children.

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