The Buyck Family Essay

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The Buyck Family

Sixteen years ago Dina Roman and James Buyck had a daughter named Victoria Buyck. They both worked at Market Basket in the bakery department. James was a baker and Dina was a cake decorator. After a few years they started seeing each other and thus Victoria was born. Dina had two other children Chris and Quintin Torres, with another man that currently lives in New York but she loves all her children the same.
Dina's great grandfather Gil Acosta was born in Spain. He lived on the Canary Islands and was a fisherman for his entire life. He was sent on a trip to Puerto Rico for his work right before the Spanish American War in 1898. He met a woman named Alba and had 5 children with her. When America won the war they obtained Puerto Rico, Cuba, the Philippines and Guam and his children became citizens of the U.S.
One of Gil’s
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She arrived by boat to aspire the same goals as Marcel. Her and Marcel had five children and one of them was named Marcel Jr. He worked in the mills and got married and had a child named Charles. Charles got married to Katherine Griva and they were the parents of four children, including James Buyck.
Katherine’s grandmother Anita Scrofano came to America by ship around the 1890s from Italy. She also came to work at the mills as well. She ended up working at the mills in Lawrence and met a guy named James Griva. James was from Poland and came to America around the same time she did. They lived in the same boarding house and that’s how they met. They had 7 children, including Katherines mother Elivra.
Katherine and Charles had four children including James Buyck who is the father of Victoria Buyck. Miguel and Adelaida gave birth to her mother Dina Roman. Victoria Buyck’s Family tree has created what she is today and explains where she came from and who she is. People have come from all over the world to America and have created what this girl is

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