Article Critique Of Student Engagement Essay examples

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Article Critique of Student Engagement in the Classroom: The Impact of Classroom, Teacher, and Student Factors
The core emphasis of this research article was joint coordinate engagement by students with or without autism spectrum disorders. There are two main objectives present throughout the article. The first concept is the relationship between environmental classroom factors and student coordinated joint engagement (Steinbrenner, 2015, p. 2394). The second concept is the relationship between the characteristic of the student and coordinated joint engagement (Steinbrenner, 2015, p. 2394). The first objective yielded a result that there was a relationship found between student coordinated joint engagement with student-directed practices (Steinbrenner, 2015, p. 2402). Also, a relationship between engagement and group/class size (Steinbrenner, 2015, p. 2402). The second objective also yielded a significant positive relationship between the amount of student coordinated joint engagement and autism severity (Steinbrenner, 2015 p. 2403). Also, similar to the first objective, there was a second factor involved. Expressive communication of the student was suggestively related to coordinated joint engagement (Steinbrenner, 2015, p. 2403). This article and study was engaged to fill in major gaps of previous research done with autism spectrum disorders. It is mentioned and widely known theme that the diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder has drastically increased in…

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