Article Analysis : ' The ' Confused About Isis ' Essay

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First things first, some background information. I am a firm believer that unless you are actually physically there you could not possibly know everything. I believe this first article is very informative without the unnecessary confusing vocabulary others may use.
Moreno, Jarrett. "Confused about ISIS? A Simple Explanation." ATTN., 11 Sept. 2014. Web. 5 Sept. 2016.
This article breaks down ISIS to the fundamentals. The group is a Sunni militant branch also known as Salafists, meaning they believe in early Islam teachings. ISIS would like to have their own state or world of similar believers and to govern such state or world with their teachings of the Laws of the Quran. To do so they are attempting to convert or destroy all non-Muslims. The group originated from Iraq and have migrated into Syria during the Syrian Civil war. As one of the multiple groups fighting against the Syrian President. This led to recruitment and acceptance of some Syrian’s due to the hatred of the President and his cruel tactics of ruling. Since then ISIS has created multiple strategies, fighting tactics, building regions, large scale recruitment and acquiring strategic land. The land they are fighting for brings in profit to the organization through black market sales of oil which allows them to purchase more and larger weapons or other advantages one being control over water sources.
A large attack in 2015 took place in Paris which in turn touched many hearts and grew the bond against ISIS…

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