Essay on Article Analysis On Driving And Death

722 Words May 19th, 2016 3 Pages
This semester has been more challenging than I actually anticipated. I have always had some trouble in English, but this semester taught me skills I have never learned before. The main focus I tried to emphasize on is writing as if it was a way of conversation, letting the reader fully understand what I am actually trying to say. During class time, we worked together in small groups which actually helped me grow as a writer and understand my flaws to perfect them in any way I needed too. Included in my portfolio was my first piece of writing “Hold On to the Things You Have” which was the article analysis that I thought was the hardest then there was the research paper titled “Driving to Death” which I really enjoyed writing. Almost once a week, I feel like we always had some sort of group work or peer editing sessions. I believe this was the strongest part of helping me become successful in my article analysis. My first few drafts, I had many problems such as using too much of “me, myself, I, our...” rather than comparing it to everyone. In the first paragraph, I found and fixed the problem. The line that had the mistake was: This song reflects the fact that in our society, many people put more value on money and technology than on relationships with people that surround them which Bentley claims is more important. Instead of using our, I switched the whole line up by re-wording it to sound more academic. The changed line looks like this: In this society, many people put…

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