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You are the project manager responsible for the overall construction of a new international airport. Draw a dependency map identifying the major groups of people that are likely to affect the success of this project. Who do you think will be most cooperative? Who do you think will be the least cooperative? Why?
As an project manager in building a new international airport, important tasks of the project managers across any work scope or vertical is to ensure that the planned projects get finished well in time within the given budget and the planned time frame. Project management is one of the most high ranking areas of study and plays a meaningful role in organizations across all the scope.
The main responsibilities of the
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Besides, government will play most significant role in construction of international airport as well it might be profit or a big loss to the country. with a successfull builed airport, government able to increase the wealth of country in the form of getting taxes from airport and the employeers too. Even, the success of international airport will develop the tourism of country and increase the our own country product(process of people making, selling, and buying things).
Furthermore ,the there will be more airlines re-route their destination over here as how a place to tanslit to another airline. This will give a explosure of our country to passenger and this might will increase the profit to country as well. The business leaders who running retailed shops, business regards to airport, agents inside the airport as a stakeholders will be gain a positive income, as they will welcome this development. This is because more customers will give them more profits and this type of business will lead to better future for the country.
In other hand, the least cooperative groups such as Environmental groups and Neighborhood Committee.I strongly say this because when constructing new airport we need a large space of areas to build a international airport and mostly airport management tend to deforest a jungle to get a bigger space.Whenever cutting the trees this will be against law and rules certain time whereby the hot wheater will increase. This may

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