Art 's Interpretation Of Art Essays

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“Only through art can we emerge through ourselves and see what another person sees” (“Marcel Proust”). The words of French novelist Marcel Proust describe well the result of art’s interpretation as obtaining an understanding that would otherwise be less distinct. For the purpose of understanding the extent to which this effect enhances human understanding, it is necessary to define some key terms. “Interpretation” will be defined as the act of taking meaning from something, “art” will be defined as creative expression of feelings or ideas that can be conveyed through various media, to “enhance” is to contribute to the growth of something, and “human understanding” is knowledge accumulated by and of humans. Under these definitions, the extent to which the act of taking meaning from creative expression of feelings or ideas contributes to the growth of human knowledge can be discussed. Through the discussion, it is evident that the interpretation of art is responsible for personal and collective understanding of feelings and ideas that are bound by or that transcend setting, and it grants awareness of the processes and values attributed to the interpretation itself, lending insight to facets of knowledge that contribute to understanding humanity. The popularity or monetary values of art reveal the significance of art and its context to the development of human understanding. Often times, the presence of either one of these factors at its creation are indicative of its…

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