Social Values In Uncle Tom's Cabin

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Uncle Tom’s Cabin was written by Harriet Beecher Stowe who had no idea she was unleashing a new perspective on society 's norms through her literature. Harriet herself was an ordinary mother and wife, though she made one of the most critiqued pieces of literature of all time. Abraham Lincoln was recorded saying “so this is a little woman who caused a great war!”(Impact) Uncle Tom’s Cabin went to be considered radical and socially unacceptable at its time. A Lot of her strength in this novel is due to her own life experiences and struggles with her faith, making a very intensifying book. Being so personal, Harriet’s views in the novel created a stir which made opposing views. Aside of that, Uncle Tom’s Cabin is one of the best novels of 19th century because of Harriet 's eternal battle with faith, and how it deters from its times societal norms.
Harriet grew up learning a vast majority of her information from her father. He was knowledgeable with philosophy, theology,and writing. He was a “exuberant, vivid man” (Beecher). While she looked up to her dad,
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That just religion may be irrelevant to slavery. Harriet in her story makes it very clear she thinks that the belief you have on someone is related to how you treat them. Harriet shows no interest in the political stance on slavery, but on the emotional. Harriet had a tangle of beliefs in her youth. Harriet being confused and not knowing where her stance is in faith, she depicts very sensitive fundamentals into the story to show what she thinks. Family is very important, and so is a place in society. Blacks have a predestination, and Harriet opposed that by treating everyone equally. This also goes against her father 's pre-destine protestant views. It takes a special someone to have all this revolving around there head to depict it perfectly into a story. This can be the reason it caused such a up-roar. The bad and good even each other

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