Art Museum Of North Carolina Essay

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The University of North Carolina is home, as most know, to a huge football stadium, the Dean Dome, and even a planetarium. However, one of the lesser known buildings is an art museum, situated just beyond the tip of North Campus. The Ackland Art Museum is home to over 18,000 works of art, some thousands of years old. The museum was opened in 1958 and is located on South Columbia Street, a short walk from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s campus. One particular piece of art in this museum is the black figure style amphora, or vase, “Apollo, Leto, and Artemis; Departure Scene.” This work of pottery is housed in the museums Art of the Ancient Mediterranean exhibit. This work of art is attributed to a man known as the Bucci Painter (active in the late 6th century), but there is no solid evidence that this vase is his piece. Very little is known about this artist, but art historians have discovered ways to identify black figure Greek pottery with him. For example, the anatomy of the horses and the pattern of the neck on this vase (Figure 1) are both extremely similar to other works attributed to the Bucci Painter. The style of this vase is black figure, which means that the background is left in the natural color of the clay, and images and details are painted on in black. This type of pottery painting style was popular during the Archaic Age in Greece. Another style of painting similar to this was red figure, which is basically the opposite of black…

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