Art Museum Curator Essay

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Academic Qualification for Art Museum Curators
Curators are highly educated personnel in the art museums. Individuals seeking to become curators acquire a wide range of art collection for the organizations such as museum or history centers in addition to organizing and maintaining different forms of exhibitions. For one to become a professional curator, one is required to have a minimum of a graduate degree while work experience increases the preparation of individuals to serve. Along with technical skills and background experience in business sectors these professionals are also considered an important ingredient to the development of careers in the curating of art museums (Hein, 2006)., Many institutions of higher learning may also demand
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Students are required to pursue work placements are interns prior to their completion of studies in order to best placed training while working with professional and experienced art curators. A predetermined level of expertise within the areas of restoration methodologies, public relations and chemistry are also considered additional ingredients to enhanced professional abilities of aspiring curators. These qualifications are also central to realization of technological skills in other areas such as digital recording and information dissemination through the Internet and other technologically enabled channels. Knowledge in marketing as additional experience of academic qualifications and ability to communicate in foreign languages makes art curators more competent in delivering their ultimate roles as art museum curators (Hein, 2006). The high skill demand and the long-term engagement force majority of people to shy away from the profession, especially when minority groups detect possible instances of discrimination. This scenario leaves curatorial positions as preserves of the white population and the majority in the society, thus crippling the prospects of diversity in art museum curator

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