Essay on Art Is The Creation By Human Beings

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By learning everything on what art is throughout the semester, art is the creation by human beings that can be visual or performance and the appreciation of it from individuals. Going into art in general, according to the text by Becker, “Most artistic ideas take some physical form: a film, a painting or sculpture, a book, a dance, a something which can be seen, heard, held.” In other words, art is part of the activities that individuals can participate and appreciate. “Making art works takes time, and making the equipment and materials take time, too.” Creating artwork that individuals produce takes time whether there are enough materials to make it or to raise funds to create it. By reading this quote, it helped to understand why art is so valuable and sometimes expensive because whether I see a handmade painting or any objects to decorate my room, it would be expensive because the artistic objects are crafted by hand which why it’s highly above my budget. Also, before I took this course, I’ve already took some art courses before coming to George Mason. I took art appreciation in NOVA community college, where I learned the history of art, such as art prehistoric art with finger painting of animals in caves to Greek and Roman art. Which took my attention because I learned what kinds of materials they used to produce it and how it made a significance throughout its history. Although, what I noticed that I did not learn is to appreciate the art piece more than what it is and…

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