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Art Commission Statement

Art Statement

In this paper, I will discuss the commissioning of a Ten Commandments statue for the lobby of the new Christian and Jewish Interfaith Cultural and Historical Center. The commission statement will explain how the Ten Commandments statue represents developments in past and current world events and cultural patterns in Judaism and Christianity. We will discuss the importance of the proposed location and why it is appropriate being placed at that location. This commission statement will discuss our belief of how the Ten Commandments statue reflects the Jewish and Christian concept of humanity's relationship to nature and to the world and God. It will also discuss the value of
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The Ten Commandments would be a practical choice for the lobby of a Christian/Jewish Interfaith Cultural or Historical Center because the commandments are revered in both faiths. Since Judaism is the parent religion of Christianity, many of the sacred texts or religious symbols that are important in Judaism are also considered to be sacred or holy in Christianity. Both religions accept the Ten Commandments as a set of the laws given by God to humanity. Both Christianity and Judaism believe that these commandments were passed from God through Moses (Exodus, 19-20).
Placing the Ten Commandments statue in the lobby or hallway of a Christian/Jewish Interfaith Center would reflect how both religions value these commandments as the words of God and how these commandments are used as guidelines or rules for developing and nurturing their individual relationship with God. The old testament of the bible, or Torah, is accepted by the Jewish faith because it establishes their identity with the rest of the world. The concept of God passing his laws through Moses with the Ten Commandments would be the best, non-controversy causing piece that could be displayed in the center.
The value of commissioning this statue for the lobby of the new Christian and Jewish Interfaith Cultural and Historical Center is very high both monetarily and spiritually. This statue

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