Essay on Art Commission Statement

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Art Commission Statement
Learning Team C
Septima Luke, Roshon Broomfield, and Anthony Lopez
July 19, 2012
Preston Rodrigue

Art Commission Statement
Team C is developing a piece of art representing developments in world events and cultural patterns, past, and present in Judaism and Christianity. Jews and Christians will view this piece at the Christian and Jewish Interfaith Cultural and Historical Center; this piece will appropriately represent both faiths. Team C will discuss beliefs on how the piece will reflect Jewish and Christian concepts of humanity's relationship to the world and deity also how the piece will enhance intellectual and physical environments.
Representations of developments in world events and
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Jewish and Christianity religions share basic beliefs and views on nature, both religions believe in the words of Genesis, which humankind is to rule over the land and animals. The Jewish and Christian religions believe that this world is only temporary and that it gives them a chance to serve God as his followers, and after death, those who lived a righteous life will enter into heaven to be with God. Although Christianity and Judaism call God different names and different beliefs on the events in the Bible, they still share basic beliefs of the Old Testament (Oracle Education Foundation, 2011).
Christians call there deity God whereas people of the Jewish belief call the same deity “Hashem,” an euphemism for God. Both religions believe in just one God to rule over all, and there shall be no other gods (Fiero, 2011). There is no other religion outside Judaism and Christianity that ever knew of such a close relationship with God as “faith.” Judaism and Christianity share the same principle: the love of God (Oracle Education Foundation, 2011). Because of the common religious beliefs, the best-suited place for this piece is the entrance of the new Christian and Jewish Interfaith Cultural and Historical

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