Art As A Universal Visual Language Essay

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Its Meaning and Significance in Our World
As I reflect on this section I look back upon my own life and how I personally have lost my ability to create. Somewhere in time I have lost the ability to remember to dream and turn those dreams into creations. I need to take time to stop and appreciate the multiple forms of art our world has to offer. The more time I give myself to stop, appreciate and dream, the more creative I will become.
Art as a Universal Visual Language
Art is a non-verbal communication. It is a way to express our emotions. The first form of this expression that has been recorded is from the Aboriginal societies thirty two thousand years ago. As time has passed so has the different forms of art. From symbols carved into a rock wall to coding a blond haired blue eyed damsel in distress that is projected on a movie screen.
Categories of Visual and Cultural Arts
Including but not limited to:
Visual: drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture. Communication and design: film and television graphics.
Technological Arts: photography, film, video, computer generated images, television, music video, copy machines.
Environmental Arts: Architecture, landscape, community design, interior design, furniture, clothes and product design.
Cultural arts: (often will be a type of traditional expression of different ethnic groups.) Basket weaving, African masks, American quilts and handcrafted toys are a few examples.
Two Dimensional Art: painting, drawing, printmaking,…

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