Essay on Art : Art And Artist Appreciation

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Art 101: Art/Artist Appreciation
Imagine life without the art. A gray-emotionless-world without inspiration, a bland-repetitious-mediocrity. To lose mankind’s creations of representation and beauty, is to lose one of the key separation of our species. We, us, you and I, homo-sapiens the “wise man”, would not exist. Art presented mankind the first avenue of communication with the future, and aside from our parents, the most predominant connection to our past. It teaches through transcendence of time, how to live and how to dream. It is a documentation of the now, and a presentation of a possible future. It is an expression of an idea and an extension of a person. It predecessor of language and the written word, and to this day when they cannot stand alone art arises to carry the burden.
It seems as though the intellect of a person is measured in the knowledge that can be recited, or the ease in which they seem to go through life. It is a degree of stature in community; a forbearer of wealth and worth to society. But is this the only intellect that should be valued? It is said that knowledge is power; but knowledge alone will not create a better existence for the masses. Is an understanding of one’s own existence really more imperative than the vicarious nature of the artist? Society teaches us to act and perform in standardized manner, though the side effects of which is the limitation of the creative mind. What sets the artistic methodology apart from someone of more…

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