Essay on Arresting Officer 's Statement : An Investigation

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Arresting Officer’s Statement: According to Portsmouth Detective D. Misiewicz, the following events occurred at 1212 Carrington Crescent in the city of Portsmouth,

“On December 21, 2015 at approximately 10:42 hours, a concerned citizen called to say that her neighbor had just left and she just observed two black males go into the back yard of 1212 Carrington Crescent. The call was dispatched as a burglary in progress at that time and dispatch gave notes as they came in. The caller stayed on the phone with dispatch giving play by play as she watched the juveniles. The caller watched one ring the doorbell before they entered the back yard, which is enclosed with a fence. They were peeking over their shoulders. Both males were wearing dark hoodies. One poked his head around the corner of the house. Both males came up on foot. Both males came from the back yard running down the street toward Alcindor and one has a bag, white bag with writing on it, this was at 10:48. Caller also stated that one had on green shoes. Canine Officer Shultz was responding and observed two young black males at Carrington Crescent and Alcindor Road and detained them at 10:50 hours. Both males were wearing dark hoodies and one had on green shoes and one was carrying a white bag with blue writing on it. Detective Misiewicz responded to the location of the juveniles and then to the location of the burglary. The homeowner arrived shortly after me and it was discovered that Christmas gifts were…

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