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SUBJECT: Arms Room and Related Inspections

1. PURPOSE: This SOP defines defines how the S-2 will conduct inspections of Arms Rooms, Key Control, Seal Custody, Small Arms Repair Parts (SARPs) Program, and Unit Supply Room Physical Security.

2. BACKGROUND: There is no single established standard for Arms Room, Key Control and Seals Custodian inspections within III Corps. The standard is the regulations below. Because the standard is ambiguous and can change depending upon the inspector’s interpretation of the regulations, this SOP can only serve as a guide. If you prepare for inspections by following this SOP, you will pass.


a. AR 190-11, Physical Security of Arms, Ammunition
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(b) Verify the inner door is secured with either a “high security padlock,” or a series 5200 lock.

b. Access Rosters: Is access to the arms room controlled?

1. Unaccompanied Access Rosters.

(a) Verify the unit maintains a current unaccompanied access roster for the Arms Room Storage Facility posted out of plain view (i.e. on the wall adjacent to, but out of the direct line of sight from the issue window) in the arms room.

(b) Verify the Unaccompanied access roster is signed by the current commander and lists all personnel by name, rank, and duty position.

(c) Verify the unit maintains a JSIIDs unaccompanied access roster, in addition to the posted unaccompanied access roster in (b) above.

2. Accompanied Access Rosters.

(a) Verify the unit has posted an accompanied access roster that restricts access within the company to only those personnel who have a need to enter the arms room. It should include all E6 and above and any personnel deemed necessary to assist with weekly/monthly and closing inventories.

(b) Verify the unit has posted the most recent Battalion, Brigade, Division and III Corps accompanied access roster. If not, it is the S-2’s responsibility to provide them with one.

c. Master Authorization List (MAL): the MAL verifies to the armorer that the commander has authorized a certain individual to

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