Arizona Is The Issue Of Immigration Essay

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Arizona is known world-wide for having the toughest sheriff in the world. The valley is also known for being home to extreme republicans, primarily office holders such as Senator John McCain, who has been a sitting senator in Arizona since 1987, and Governor Jan Brewer who was nicknamed “Wicked Witch of the West” by media outlets and AZ democrats against her. One major problem that continues to present itself on news outlets and create local and political tensions here in Arizona is the issue of immigration. Being one of the bordering states in the United States with Mexico, Arizona has always had the issue of Mexican or hispanic immigrants as a hot topic, especially in the last decade with political parties dividing more than ever and hot topics turning into more divisive issues than before, Arizona took the cake in 2010 with the passing of the SB1070 law. “We know from experience that nothing encourages the right wing like success. Now, less than a week since the passage of SB1070, there are copycat bills being considered or proposed in more than a dozen states nationally”(Negrón-Gonzales). The legislation included the right for police officers to ask people to show proof that they are citizens of the U.S., makes it illegal to apply for or have a job without papers, and gives police the power to arrest someone without warrant if the officer believes the person has committed a crime that would cause them to be deported at any time in this person 's life. This is a prime…

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