Aristotle 's The Greatest Human Life Essay example

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Essay #2

Several people experience a crisis at some point searching for their purpose in life. As we mature we tend to want to leave behind a legacy that will hopefully be remembered. To leave behind a legacy, one must do something well that will not be forgotten by our peers. Aristotle argues that the greatest human life is a life that involves excellent rational activity and achieving happiness is the end goal of every function. This argument is significant because it helps someone determine whether their fulfilling a good life or living a life of happiness. I will be arguing that Aristotle’s argument is flawed because one of his premises is false. Aristotle claims the way to discover the human good we must identify the function of a human. He argues that the human function is rational activity. Our good is therefore, rational activity performed well, which Aristotle is saying in reference with virtue. He argues that function doesn’t mean purpose but instead functionality, how a thing operates. Aristotle’s argument is if someone has a function then the goal of that function is to perform with nothing short of excellence. Aristotle is saying that if a person has a function then that person should perform that function the greatest way possible. Aristotle later says that the function defines the thing performing the function. The function is what makes something unique. For example, the function of each person 's eyes is to see. An eyes ability to see is what makes…

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