Ariana Grande Dangerous Woman Analysis

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Ariana Grande is a twenty three year old television actress better known as a pop music singing sensation. Ms. Grande began singing and acting at a young age, which landed her a role in a Broadway play before she hit sixteen. In 2010, she landed her big break. Starring in the Nickelodeon series, Victorious, as Cat Valentine, she played as a “goofy aspiring singer.” ( Ariana Grande dropped her single “The Way” which went triple platinum in 2013. After her single, she went on to record three studio albums, starting with: Yours Truly, My Everything, and her latest Dangerous Woman. Being her biggest album yet, Dangerous Woman reveals her transformation from a children’s entertainer into a bad girl, unapologetic singer. Easing into her album with “Moonlight,” a fifties romantic theme song that gives us a little taste of what’s to come next. She talks about what she is doing in the moonlight. This song makes you remember the first boy/girl you had a crush on. The next song on the track makes all girls feel dangerous. Yes! You guessed it! “Dangerous Woman” is a sexual song that reminds most people of the book, “Fifty Shades of Grey.” The song reveals how she is bringing out the bad girl within herself in bed. Her third track, “Be Alright” transitions the album from a sexual feeling into a feeling of relief as she constantly …show more content…
It has gone bad again as she starts the track with “Know Better.” She says, “Cause I see right through you, boy” meaning she can see right through his lies and fakeness. Then, you hear the beat goes from R&B to an upbeat club jam. “Forever Boy” is the totally opposite of “Know Better.” In the song, Ariana says “You’re my forever boy” meaning she wants him to be hers for forever. Lastly, the track “Thinking About You” is a great way to wrap the whole album up. She tells the boy, whose she been talking about all album, how she’s thinking about him and wants him

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