Essay On Immigration Policy

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Across the country the topic of immigration from Middle Eastern countries has been at an all time high. Many occurrences over the years people have led people to label immigrants from Middle Eastern countries in negative ways. Recently, a debate sprung up arguments over the so called flawed immigration policy in America. Not many see eye to eye when it comes to accepting Middle Eastern immigrants due to their belief system.

In "Trump 's Muslim Immigration Ban Should Touch Off a Badly Needed Discussion," published in National Review, Andrew C. McCarthy 's thesis is that we must acknowledge how sharia law contradicts the US Constitution in order to have a positive immigration policy. McCarthy 's first point to support his argument is that in traditional Muslim-majority countries, there is no separation between "mosque and state". Second, he states that Sharia does not coincide with our Constitution on the basis of equality, religion, and freedom. Third, McCarthy states that America has no legal obligation to
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Instead they only follow the spiritual aspects. With the recent presidential campaign many people have voiced out their opinions on Muslims, usually degrading them in the process. However, most Muslims see Islam as merely a religion and do not seek the disciplinary aspects of sharia. Many Muslims in the US have shared the disrespect that they have received for being Muslim. They are constantly portrayed and labeled as terrorist, but is that a reasonable assumption? A key principle of sharia is that if one is not Muslim they are to discriminate against them, but when pro-Western Muslims come to the US they assimilate into non-Muslim communities. I believe that it is reasonable to say that the majority of Muslims that come to the US are ready to assimilate and leave sharia behind. Sharia can be a very strict and harsh system that people are eager to get away

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