Arguments Against Drug Testing

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Drug testing has always been a tricky topic since even the most trustworthy people don’t enjoy the accompanying hassle or invasion of privacy. Whether you have to inform an individual that it is time for a test or if you have to tell your employees about a new company policy, certain tactics can help ease the process.

Document everything

Firstly, it is important to document all aspects of the drug testing process in order to keep track of what has been done and maintain records in case someone claims your policies are unfair. If you are introducing a drug testing policy to your employees for the first time, it is important that you provide a detailed written explanation of the policy, circumstances that warrant drug testing, who will conduct the testing, and all other relevant information. This information should also be added to your employee handbook. If you are telling an individual employee that they’ve been chosen for a drug screening, consider using a standardized letter that informs the employee they’ve been selected and instructions for getting tested. You can hand this letter to the employee at the time you inform them about the test; don’t mail it and give advance notice.

A new drug policy
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You will also need to have a conversation. If your company is implementing a new drug screening policy, it may be smart to call a meeting with all of your employees to explain the policy and give them the chance to ask questions. When you speak with your employees, explain that the main reason for screenings is to promote workplace safety and protect productivity, not to invade their privacy or punish them. Explain how the screening process will work, what the consequences will be if the test detects substances, and where to get answers for any additional

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