Essay On Mandatory Drug Testing

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Imagine if the government passed a law that required all Welfare applicants and recipients to be drug tested. Do you find yourself for or against the law? What if I told you the United States leads the rest of the world in illegal drug use, would that change your opinion? The war on drugs is becoming a bigger issue in the United States every day. I believe that if the government starts enforcing the idea of “drug free” recipients, then eventually US will be able to save citizens some tax money.
The opposing side wouldn’t consider the savings that drug testing could have in the future. They argue that drug testing is too expensive, however, the idea is to drug test applicants, random recipients occasionally, and recipients whom are suspected
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Drug testing has plenty of benefits for the U.S. By performing drug tests on suspected users that are receiving welfare, in theory, the government will be able to save thousands of dollars. Another benefit is that some recipients and applicants will fail or even back out if asked to provide a drug test. For the recipients that want to become clean if they failed the test, I believe that the individual should enroll into a rehab facility that will prove to the agency that the applicant or recipient is attempting to make a change. If the recipient does get help, they will receive benefits in order to be fair because both sides will be giving up something whether it be benefits or drugs. Another reason that the government and agency should enforce drug testing would be the fact that many employers require applicants the submit a drug test before they begin employment and employees are required to submit random drug tests. It is only fair. Lastly, the urge to receive benefits will also promote employment. Personally, I know a few people who just use the benefits as their income rather than trying to get a job. The few people that do the same thing across the United States, make the country look like a bunch of bums.
While there are many good reasons on both sides of the argument dealing will welfare drug testing, I believe that this movement will

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