Why Do Immigrants Benefit The Economy

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Luis Munoz
Professor Kylie kaiser
English 1010
10 December 2017
Why Immigrants Benefit the Economy
There has been lots of controversy about immigration in the united states for many years. Natives of United States believe that immigrants are here to take jobs away from them. Others believe that immigrants diminish their pay. As well that Immigrants do not pay their taxes. Immigrants are more vital to the United States economy than most believe. Immigrants benefit the economy by improving development and increasing funds. Immigrants are the reason The United States has been so successful in development and economic wise. The United States needs a huge amount of labor and supplies to fill its needs. Father Lydio F. Tomasi a founding member
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Major companies use immigrants to work around the clock Fresenius and Nicholson state “The benefits of immigration accrue to native-born consumers in the form of lower relative prices of goods and services.” (5). Businesses need cheap labor to lower prices for consumers. Then consumers enjoy the services or goods at a fraction of the price they would have paid. With the price lowered more people would see it as Appealing to get those products or services. Benefiting the company by increasing profits with these profits, they increase the workers or develop new item or services for consumers. It is a continuous cycle. Giving immigrants jobs and companies and consumers a better …show more content…
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