Argumentative Essay: Who's To Blame?

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Either her son Jesse who is a trouble maker, her daughter Anna who is suing them for attention, or Kate who is dying slowly (4). She focuses on Kate, even though the love for all three of her children is equal (13). Campbell Alexander, Anna’s lawyer, became her lawyer that way she would get out of his hair and he could get more money (14). Once Campbell starts working with Anna and gets to know her more he starts caring for her (14). On the other hand their son Jessie is causing trouble from starting fires to smoking and drinking (4). On court day Anna starts to testify (5). When Anna is at the stand she disseminates that she was actually going to give her sister the kidney, but that Kate did not want her to do it (5). Anna said that the only reason they were in this whole mess was because of Kate (5). Kate told Anna to get a lawyer and do all this suing because she had tried so many times to commit suicide but it never worked, and that she was tired of trying to do it (5). The judge then tells everyone that she will discuss this situation with Kate to see if it is true or not, and then she will make the decision of whether Anna will win the lawsuit ( 6). On the day that they get called back for the decision it is very rainy and slippery (6). When they get to the court room then the judge grants Anna’s entreaty for medical emancipation, and Campbell Alexander seizes the power for all of …show more content…
1). Places that My Sister’s Keeper has been banned is at a middle school in Clawson MI, and at Marshall University (“ 2 and top of page). Some violence that happens in the story is when Brian gets called out on to graphic scenes (“Book Review” par. 16). One other reason the book is banned is because of the title, My Sister’s Keeper, which refers to the Genesis 4:9 in the Bible

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