Argumentative Essay: The Broken Electoral College System

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How would you feel if your vote in deciding the next president of our country didn’t matter? Well, this is true for many people due to our broken Electoral College system of voting. I strongly feel that we should get rid of it for many reasons. My first reason is that it doesn’t give equal representation to certain states. My second reason is that it doesn’t match up with the popular votes that were taken by the people. This two reasons alone are more than enough to show this system needs to be fixed. My first reason is that representation is NOT equal; our founding fathers wanted everyone to be considered equal. Furthermore, its unequal in a way that most people would not expect, the smaller states have a larger say in who gets to be our president. One example of this would be the election data from 2010 comparing the states of Montana VS Illinois. Montana is a small state with a population of approx. 989,000 people and 3 electoral votes. That is approx. 329,000 people per electoral vote. In contrast to Illinois, a state with a population of approx. 12 million people and 20 electoral votes. That is an astonishing 600 thousand people per vote; almost double the vote worth of Montana. If you wanted your vote to count even more wouldn’t you go to Montana? Because some of us can’t take the trip to get what we rightfully were given …show more content…
The representation in the EC is broken. The popular votes don’t also don’t align with the Electoral College votes. In addition to all this, the system was based on the premise that we were not knowledgeable to make an informed decision on who our president should be. That fallacy is vastly outdated because we have channels devoted to seeing our state legislature at work. We are more than informed enough to make decisions regarding the future president of the

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