Argumentative Essay: Police Self Defense

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Police Self Defense

Being a law enforcement officer can be a very dangerous job, a bomb squad member Ken went on a ride along with an police officer and at the end of the shift said,” I would never do your job again. Its too dangerous; far beyond what I ever experienced.” ( That came from a man who responded to threats and defused bombs for a living. Now he says going on a police patrol is scary to him. That just shows how frightening and unpredictable a law enforcement officer 's job can be. These men and women are out on the street day and night trying to keep the community they work in safe, as well as themselves. While it is not necessary to use police brutality when arresting a suspect, police officers have the right to
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The duty of a police officer or law enforcement officer focuses on protecting people and property. As well as enforcing and carrying out the laws. As citizens, we look to law enforcement departments for safety, trusting them to keep our community a safe place and a place to be at ease. With that in mind police officers are sent out on their patrol with their priority being to keep the community safe. Since the shooting of Michael Brown Ferguson, Missouri has been is chaos. People have been putting on protests, and starting riots in the streets. After the grand jury reached their decision about inditing officer Darren Wilson or not (with the decision being to accept Wilson 's claim of self defense and let him go freely), after the rioting people began looting and burning down some of the businesses in the town. “ As of Tuesday (November 26th)more than fifty businesses in the Ferguson area had reported some damage from the rioting and fifteen had fire damage” (usatoday) The situation became too much for the police force in Ferguson alone so Gov. Nixon called for about two thousand National Guard troops to be sent in to help. A source from USA today said “ We can’t blame the police for everything. There’s only so much they can control.” The police and National Guard are trying to protect this community and keep all the innocent people safe that live there. Officer Darren Wilson wrote to his supporters saying, “ Please keep my family in blue in your hearts and prayers, they have all made a sacrifice to their own lives in order to work excessive hours through the heat and rain to ensure that the riots and protests were as safe as they could be.” (Texashomepage) They don 't just want to protect them innocent people, but also the well being of the protesters themselves, but people are

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