Second Hand Smoking Informative Essay

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The use of tobacco products of any kind can have harmful and potentially life changing effects within in the body. Weather chewed tobacco, snuffed tobacco, or smoking tobacco, all contain chemicals that damage the user’s health. However, there is one drastically significant difference between smoking and smokeless tobacco- smoking tobacco affects others around them while smokeless only effects the user. Is it fair that nonusers face the carelessness of another’s second hand smoke? Is it fair to be walking down the sidewalk and be blasted with a stranger’s cloud of smoke? Is it fair to be subjected to secondhand smoke while being in a car with smoking passengers? The answer to all of these questions is that no, it is simply not fair. The dangerous …show more content…
This is not the case. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, “There is no safe exposure to secondhand smoke. When you are around a person who is smoking, you inhale the same dangerous chemicals as the smoker. Breathing even a little secondhand smoke can be dangerous.” In fact, it can be so dangerous that approximately 3,000 adults die each year from lung cancer due to secondhand smoke, and another 46,000 die from heart disease also acquired from second hand smoke. The people that are most negatively impacted and largely account for the numbers above are people that live with smokers. The chances have increased in recent years from 20% to 30% as far as developing a life-threatening cancer or disease. The American Lung Association recently released a whopping number of 2.5 million deaths from exposures to secondhand smoke in the years between 1964 to 2014. That is 2.5 million preventable deaths. The sad thing is, it’s the selfishness and carelessness of others that allowed for such a thing to happen. The worst group of effected individuals are the children. Secondhand smoke is responsible for up 300,000 lower respiratory infections in infants up to 18 months of age, and nearly 8000 call for hospitalization each year. Annually, 430 SIDS deaths occur on top of that. Children of any age are susceptible to inner ear infections and asthma flare-ups as well. More than 24 million, or about 37 percent of children in the U.S. have been exposed to secondhand smoke (American Lung

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