Argumentative Essay On Single Mothers

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Register to read the introduction… Some women would feel that they had succeeded in bringing their family together by becoming the "bread winner"; however this could not be further from the truth. One proven fact about child hood is that the parents need to be around. If a single mother has two jobs that keep her away from home she is not helping raise her kids. This stress on the household causes more problems than it can fix. With no parental guidance children will not know who has authority. All of this stress has led to the fact that single mothers are more likely to die early. Researchers from Sweden found that nearly 70% of single mothers had twice the risk of death from suicide, three times the risk of violent death, and two-and-one-half times the risk of alcohol-related death (Trish Wilson, "Facts about Fatherlessness"). Single mothers have poorly developed support systems and these statistics will only keep increasing with more and more added stress.
This lack of authority in a child's life can cause many problems in the future. Children need rules and guidelines to follow, but in a house with no parental control they do not receive this. I've seen this case with my neighbors living across the street from me. Shawn, the mother, got a divorce from her husband after her betrayed her. This left her single and left to raise
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Domestic abuse is now growing in America's population. It is estimated that three million women are abused by their husband or boyfriend each year. Thirty percent of Americans say they know a woman who has been physically abused by her husband ( When most women are abused by their husband, they do not like to tell anyone about it. They try to hide it to protect their family and themselves. What is sad is that if the husband is that cruel to hit his own wife, then that means he is cruel enough to hit his very own child. If a single mother is getting abused by her boyfriend then this also adds up the medical bills; that is that she decides to go to the hospital. Many single mothers cannot afford to go to the emergency room because they know that they have other expenses that need to be taken care of. Rape is another factor in single mothers. In 2000, 48 percent of the rapes/sexual assaults committed against people age 12 and over were reported to the police ( Now imagine all the rapes that did not get reported. Rapes can cause a woman to get pregnant. This leads to becoming a single

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