Argumentative Essay On Screen Technology

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Our reliance on screen technology has become a part of our daily life. Although technology has positive impact on cognitive development, there is a growing concern that screen technology could be harmful to mankind. In addition, Susan Greenfield (2010) noted that when children and adults overuse technology, it results in limited attention span and desensitisation, she also stated that children will grow up lacking basic communication skills. Furthermore, studies by Rebecca Hiscott (2014) stated It has been argued that games can boost a person’s ability to make quick decisions and visual skills. Neuroscientist Adam Gazzelley (Cited in Abbott, 2013) designed a game, NeuroRacer, that can improve a cognitive deficit, which is multitasking. Other studies by Carr (2010) recognise that cognitive overload is caused by the overuse of technology, through this learning suffers and understanding becomes weak. This essay will explain the studies that have aimed to show links between screen technology and how it can fundamentally rewire our brains, for the better or worse.

Firstly, it is argued that through technology, certain cognitive skills can be enhanced such as reflex response and hand-eye coordination. Video games such as Call
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For instance the game Halo can boost visual skills and decision making, yet it also promotes aggressive behaviour. But the effects of gaming and exposure to technology are usually seen as negative by many theorists, for instances Greenfield (2012) noted that Twitter users are unable to develop meaningful connections in the present because they are in a constant state of “living in the moment”. Therefore, there is a stronger link in screen technology being negative because it hinders our learning and the basic communication therefore making us shallower thinkers. As But moderation is the key, people have the choice

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