Argumentative Essay On Right To Privacy

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Is privacy a right that all should have. Many think that we have a right to privacy that is upheld by many Supreme Court rulings, and that we should protect your privacy digitally like your phone and computer, as well as your physical privacy. While others think they only that we shouldn’t have digital privacy from the government because they have nothing they want to hide. They also argue that even if you had a right to privacy you couldn’t have true privacy in today’s world.
To give some background on what the constitution says on privacy. The United States constitution nowhere explicitly says that an us citizen has a constitutional right to privacy. But the constitution does the first amendment to privacy of one’s beliefs ("Constitute."). As well as the third amendment right to the privacy in a house from soldiers ("Constitute."). The constitution also covers the right of privacy of personal possessions against government search or seizure, and the Fifth Amendment right to personal information privacy ("Constitute."). The Supreme Court has also rule in the Griswold v. Connecticut. That U.S. citizens have a “right to privacy with respect to intimate practices” ("Griswold v. Connecticut.").
In a more recent court case
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Revised Selected Papers. A collection of paper on various topics. In the paper I’ve Got nothing to Hide and Other Misunderstandings of privacy. By Daniel J. professor at George Washington university. Daniel argues that “According to the nothing to hide argument, there is no threat to privacy unless the government uncovers unlawful activity”. Basically making the point that it is pointless to have privacy because the only people who need this privacy are the people who are doing illegal things. So not having privacy shouldn’t be a problem if the public isn’t

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