Religion: Is Religion Harm To People?

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Religion Religion is always a big topic from all over the world from the ancient to the present. With the development of science and education, there’s a growing doubt of the existence of some kind of religion. What’s more, several Islamic terrorist attacks have brought this topic to a hot debate. Is religion the root of the attacks? Does religion do harm to people? What exactly is religion? To me, I never believe in any religion or approve its contribution. Although there’s many Christians around me and there’s many voices about religion, none of them succeed to convince me to believe in any religion. I sometimes ask my friends about the “God” they believe due to curiosity. However it seems that even the believers cannot describe …show more content…
For example, if someone I know passes away, I’ll be less sad if I know he/she still be alive in heaven. However no one can prove that and the theory is too unrealistic to believe. However, according to many historical documents, we can see that religion played an important role in government and peacemaking. It’s also no doubt that religion has a great effect on world culture and society. What’s more, many successful people say that it’s religion made them great and some religion does make their believers kinder and humbler. Here comes the question: regardless of whether the theories in religion are true or false, does religion has a good effect on people in balance?
Before we enter the discussion of the function of religion, let’s take look at the surface of religion. As we all know, in almost all religion, there is a God or something else sacred, a historical story and some religious events for believers. Each one of them may seem ridiculous by an outsider, especially who know nothing about religion. However all
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It is also has some conflicts with the human society because it forces people in a mental way(Singer). There extends some heresies to use the name of religion to get profit from the innocent people. The organizers of the heresies exactly use the uncertainty of religion to trick people. There are people lost their money or even lives because of believing the heresies. Religion is different from heresys for sure, but it still becomes an excuse for some heresys to harm the society. What’s more, even some traditional religion has some bad people to do harm to human society. For example, there’s some terrorists in Islam making the society unpeaceful. They use some rules in Islam to brainwash their believers to give up their lives do terroristic attack (Juergensmeyer). Most voices said that Islam isn’t the problem of the terrorists because the rules of terrorism has been made up out of the origin rule of Islam (Sweetman). No one can make sure that they can separate the harmful information after putting all of the trust into a religion. Accepting a value which can not be explained by science means taking the risk of being tricked by a harmful ideology (Werner). For people who don’t have a strong sense of self-protection or a strong moral sense, it may be dangerous for them to approach these brain-washing

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