Religion In African American Culture Research Paper

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In the nineteenth century many scholars and great thinkers started to support the belief that as the twenty-first century approached religion would slowly fade and cease to matter. They believed secularism and science would bring new found logic which would ultimately over come and transcend religion. Contrary to their belief, post modern reality is that religion has a huge impact both globally and individually on our lives. Religions like Hinduism Buddhism and Christianity have profound impacts on our social and individual lives within our community with or without us realizing.
Before I even explain why religion matters, it’s important to know what actually religion is. The term religion is a arbitrary term because from person to person,
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It shows us a path we could use to attain the desired solution or “summit”. Sometimes religion even fixes problems created by other religions. Sadly “sometimes” religion also creates problems rather than offering solutions because of radical thinking and its elasticity.
Religious impact in American cultural and society has been present since the begin of our country. Religion in American society has greatly affected the African American population and youth. From the Civil War in the 1800’s and up until now Christianity is used in putting down the African American population by “Justifying Slavery”, “Murder” and “Discrimination” due to lose and dangerous interpretations by radical thinkers. To our African American population religion matters and caused great change in their lives. I attended a Lecture on Religion and Racial Violence; the lecture discussed how Christianity affected African Americans and brought up how religion has a profound implication on race. When looking at Christianity many argues that the original sin committed by Adam was the cause of “sexual sin and lust”. This idea that Adam’s original sin caused sexual sin and lust was actuated by Saint
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Rather than begin “one complete” religion it is a diffusion of century’s worth of religious beliefs and cultural followings merging together as time passed. The name Hinduism was given to the religion because the Persians called every one east of the Indus River Hindu’s and their religious belief thus was named “Hinduism”. Hinduism voices many paths to the same summit and is composed of many religious scriptures. One of these scriptures is the Bhagavad Gita which we read and interpreted in class. The Bhagavad Gita is a religious scripture which is a part of a greater Epic which is the Mahabharata. To understand the Bhagavad Gita and Hinduism one must understand first what dharma is. Dharma means scared duty, and everything in existence has a dharma. For example a trees dharma is to grow, a teacher’s dharma is to teach and Arjuna’s dharma is to fight because he is a great warrior. He is told by Krishna who's is the supreme being; God that he must act out his duty to restore the world balance. Arjuna rejects and says how can he slaughter his blood and family. Krishna said that it is his duty to rid the world of evil and to fight. Also says these people are already dead since he wished it and told Arjuna to be his vessel and carryout the command. Than it is a back and forth discussion between Arjuna and Krishna until Krishna reveals his true form to Arjuna by giving him a “divine eye” (Bhagavad

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