Definition Essay On Religion

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The Definition of Religion
Perhaps one of the hardest words to define on the societal and personal level is religion. The ideas in which this one word encompasses has been the cause of countless wars, crusades, misconceptions, and prejudice but also gives millions the sense of hope in dark times, community, moral codes, and a reason for existence. However, while religion often affirms that a supreme being is the founder, the ideas and moral codes brought forth can also shape families, communities, and countries. Therefore, when attempting to assign a definition, it is important to define religion as a whole idea, what it is based upon, and its societal functions rather than how each group of people worships their gods or lack of gods. As
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Science is spoken in the language of math, with proof and definite answers for all that is known. Religion speaks in the language of myth, with the answers being relative each person as the result of societal culturing. These beliefs can be true or false but with faith, can guide one to their best potential for themselves as others. As discussed by Dr. Twesigye, myth is the primary basis and collective language or medium of a religion, with the language being spoke in stories, symbolism, proverbs, images, and riddles (Myth as the Foundation of Society). These stories, proverbs, images, and riddles differ throughout the cultures and provide different meanings to each culture. The exact role of myth to each individual and each society is dependent upon the myth and the cultural system at which the myth is centered upon. In accordance with Dr. Twesigye, myth is an underlying nonscientific symbolic worldview that governs how we filter and see reality. Myth is largely unconscious, cultural, religious, linguistic, and social (Myth as the Foundation of Society). The myth by which one follows, has been ingrained since birth. It does not matter if the myth is true or false in reality, instead, it is important that those who follow have complete faith. The myth by which one follows, has been ingrained since birth. It does not matter if the myth is true or false, that is the way that is known and must be followed. Much of the world is unknown, including what happens before birth, after birth while on earth and after death. Science alone cannot explain what happens after death so each culture has developed a means to an end. In other words, a way to cope with death. Myth combines current and old elements in order to create a why birth, life, and death occurs. Laurrence Coupe states "works may be regarded

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