Argumentative Essay On Obesity In Schools

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Obesity Is Learned At Home; Not In School

Usually in movies, the lunch lady is portrayed as a gross looking woman, complete with a hairnet and a big nasty mole on her face, who scoops up a pile of slop and dumps it on students’ trays. Well, this is what students see today with their school lunches. Yes, the students are exaggerating a bit because it is not slop or a gross lunch lady, but the new, supposedly healthier school lunches are not appetizing, tasty, or helping child obesity. Most schools are transitioning to these “healthier” lunches, but what is the point of making this change to healthier lunches if children are not going to eat them? Some students will not eat this food because it does not taste good or look appetizing. Students
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John Metallo, a retired high school principal and former instructor, discusses his opinion on the new healthy school lunches in his article titled “Banning Junk Food in Schools is Not Effective.” His argument revolves around the fact that kids eat more outside of school than they do in school; this is even more true if kids do not like the food schools are serving. Metallo states, “Based upon a 180-day school year and three meals per day, a student consumes 180 lunches in school during a calendar year. That would move up to 360 meals per year if the student eats breakfast in school each day.” Metallo also points out in this article that schools should not serve breakfast because that should be the responsibility of a family. Without eating breakfast at school, students eat 180 lunches in school and 730 meals outside of school (Metallo). This statistic alone should make people see that changing school lunches is not going to put an end to or even help child obesity since more meals throughout the year are consumed at home rather than in school. While students do consume more meals at home, they also eat out of school vending machines. Most schools have made changes to their vending machines by putting healthier snacks in them such as granola bars and juice, for example. However, at my high school, we …show more content…
In an article on, titled “Families Are Outraged to See Michelle Obama - Approved School Lunches (YUCK!)” author Kosar states, “This lunch isn’t enough for a typical growing and active student.” Students are still growing and being active so they need bigger portions of food. A lot of students in high school have around two hour practices for sports after school. If they are not getting served enough food at lunch, then they are most likely going to be hungry again before they get home. When children are hungry, they are more likely to binge eat whatever they can get their hands on, whether it is healthy or not. Ultimately, this would just lead to further obesity. The school’s proportions of food are not enough for high school students. Kosar goes on in her article to talk about how unbelievably small the school lunches are. At a school in Oklahoma, they served a few pieces of sliced ham, two sets of crackers, a slice of cheese, and two pieces of cauliflower. One of the students at this school was pregnant and that was all she had to eat. Clearly, that is not enough to feed a pregnant mother. By eating healthy, the school lunches should consist of lean meats, vegetables, and plenty of options (Kosar). It is also not fair because teachers can get however much food they want. Some high school students are as big as the teachers and would also like

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