Personal Narrative: The Modern-Day Peacemaker

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The Modern-Day Peacemaker A magical place filled with infinite knowledge. A place where no one has a face, and you may become anyone you would ever want. This place is much to demotic for a fairy tale or a child’s story. The modern-day Peacemaker, the great library of the twenty-first century. A place that changed my life for the better, that gave me purpose. This place led me out of the thick web of depression, constant real-world problems and even lead me to make friends. This place has taught me more than people before I could ever hope to learn in only six years. The greatest book covering every topic, the place I am talking about is no other place than the ever-present Internet. I didn’t have access to this modern miracle for most …show more content…
I didn’t honestly know what the internet was. I slept through keyboarding thinking computers were for rich people, so I didn’t know how to type. I asked my friends at school what to do, most thought I was an idiot. I knew how to use things like Microsoft Office, and how to navigate the school’s website, but I didn’t know why people could ever find that fun. I felt ripped off getting a laptop as my only Christmas and birthday present for that year.
I fought with my Dad for almost a year to get the internet, we were not well off, but we had television and we had just paid off our house. We had a little extra money, the bill wasn’t very expensive for the lowest bandwidth package that the local Internet service provider had. My Dad finally broke after almost a year of me asking and we had the internet for the first time. My Dad thought It was a waste of money. I thought it was at some points until I met
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I loved to play video game my entire life, and my laptop was not good enough to play games. I wanted the knowledge that I could gain from building a computer all by myself. Both of my parents finally became financially stable, and I was able to get my first birthday present in almost 2 years. I asked for money, $350 from each parent. I could have a job and earned it, but I knew my parents wouldn’t let me. They both took education extremely seriously and feared that my grades would drop. They ended up both saving money so that I would have the money I needed to build the computer that I wanted. I built the computer in my tenth grade year of high school, and I still know every part I had in it. Building the computer was really easy, but I had to research for months to decide the parts I wanted. It taught me how to research; how to collect a vast amount of knowledge on a topic and use it to solve a problem. I spent all the money that I had. I ended up having a really decently high-end computer. I started to learn more challenging subjects, like 3D modeling, programming, and basic electronic

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