Argumentative Essay: Mysterious Marijuana

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Mysterious Marijuana

When it comes to marijuana, majority often have a negative perspective on the substance, but is this really the case? If so, why have other countries begun to legalize marijuana? The decision on whether to legalize this drug has become a heated debate over the years. Moreover, with today 's media-rich culture, it is not a surprise to find endless aspects on cannabis as our uncertainty and ambivalent attitude slowly radiates towards the substance. However, the contention that legalization would lead to usage of other drugs and increase in potency is often based on assumption rather than evidence. Hence, this has lead me to believe that legalizing the substance will trigger vast advantages as it would open up job opportunities,
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In today 's society, there is no arguing that the rate of unemployment is on the rise. As this is a massive issue for most governments, legalizing this substance will lessen the complication. Take Colorado for example, ever since recreational marijuana stores first opened in January 2014, job openings expanded, and "The Marijuana Industry Group (MIG) estimates there are currently about 10,000 people directly involved with marijuana, with 1,000 to 2,000 joining in the past few months and more expected as high demand for recreational marijuana continues" ( Lopez 2). Furthermore, in Canada, British Columbia 's Liberty Party stated in a draft policy paper that legalizing pot would create thousands of direct and indirect jobs for Canadian people such as agriculture, quality controllers and etc (11). With this in mind, legalizing marijuana will assist those who are unemployed and expand various types of job …show more content…
The huge revenue boost is undoubtedly one decisive factor that has run through the minds of many governments. For instance, Art Way, Colorado State director for the Drug Policy Alliance, articulates that "As of October [2013], Colorado brought in more than $40 million in marijuana taxes."(Par 7) but more importantly, "Colorado ... has seen an economic boost since legalization [and] is ranked as one of the fastest growing economies [in United States]"(Par 9). This sudden increase in income will not only keep the economy flowing but also gives the government the upper hand. With the funds readily available, governments will be able to focus on significant areas such as the department of health and the department of education. Money spent can be used to enhance extensive research on cannabis as well as educating youth regarding the substance. At the same time, Washington Post has announced that "Legal marijuana was a $700 million dollar industry...last year"(Ingraham Par 1), and the "Total marijuana tax revenues are now expected to climb to $94 million annually by 2016" (Ingraham Par 3). As marijuana is seemingly a promising industry, the rising projection gives a sense of financial security, something that majority has long

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