The Four Main Characteristics Of Evangelism

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Evangelism is the spreading of the Christian gospel by public preaching or personal witness.
When practiced by Biblical standards/method, it is ‘supposed’ to be an act of persuasion using reason, evidence, scripture and the Holy Spirit to show non believers the Gospel.
This is confusing to me, because it would seem today that every Church of every denomination, based on this definition alone, is Evangelist. Every church you go to has their priest, pastor, preacher, what have you. Every sermon in those churches is delivered by public preaching. I’ve been lead to believe that Evangelism is based on a ‘born again’ experience that is supposed to be a central part of a Christian’s life. Aside from that, there are four main characteristics of Evangelism:
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My personal opinion is not that it hurts the religion itself, but more the appearance of it. Christianity has such a profound and long standing reputation, and upwards of 2 million followers, do I don’t see it having too much damage control to worry about. There are some that believe Evangelism is motivated by fear rather than love, and that it is unjust and unserving to God. When Evangelists are looking for conversion, some feel that they are using forms of scare tactics to do it. The thought here being that if you don 't assent to some fact or profess your love and belief in God that you will not be saved. Some feel that if this is truly how you feel, then your relationship with God and the religion itself is a bit skewed. The beauty of Christianity is supposed to be that they are tolerant of differences and non-judging towards others. I think that may be the biggest reason that people have a problem with Evangelism. When you hear opinions of the negative side of Evangelism, it seems that it brings out the hypocrites in a way, because they say no one other than Jesus can condemn you to hell or promise you heaven where as the Evangelists seem to believe that your lack of belief is what condemns you, the people fighting Evangelism are being just as judgmental. Or so it would

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