Argumentative Essay On Advertising

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My signature assignment revolves around the harmful ideas which sneak their way into advertisement and in result, the mind of the consumer. I decided on this topic by first looking over the list of topics and choosing the one that I thought was interesting and had the most potential for exploration. After deciding on the general topic of advertising I began evaluating what aspect was the most important to our digital age. This lead me to the idea that research about the effects advertising has on our beliefs and behavior was the path I wanted to take.
The early steps of my argument essay began with research. I didn’t want to start writing in depth about my topic until I had an adequate understanding of the information I would eventually use.
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The beginning of this process was exciting for me. I chose painting as my medium for this project because I loved the contrast between fine arts and advertisements. Research from my argumentative essay revealed to me that advertisement is perceived as a fairly direct means of getting a product to sell. And my personal experience in fine art has shown me that people view painting as something in which the viewer must search for a hidden message or purpose. The decision to create a series of paintings based on advertisements which took the bias messages in advertising and displayed them front and center was intriguing for me. These paintings were based on real ads and present some of the (racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.) beliefs which have been “sold” alongside products in advertisement for years. Contrary to my struggle in the argument essay, the problem I experienced with my multimodal project came to finding the advertisements to base my paintings on. There were many ads which fit this topic, but were not jarring enough that I could make my point with. But after a few hours of searching I finally found some which I thought fit the idea …show more content…
None of this could have just happened all at once. It required me to make many small decisions in order for me to finish this project. If I were to go back and make changes to my essay or project I would give myself more time to explore and develop my ideas with the facts that I accumulated through my research. Writing in the digital age has been a valuable course for my ability to relate information to what is going on in the world. Through working on class assignments, the argument essay, and the multimodal project I have gained a greater understanding of what it means to search for valuable information and use it effectively. I feel more confidence in my ability to form an idea and create a plan to execute it. There has been an enormous amount of helpful information in this curriculum and I plan on using what I have learned in many classes to come. It is hard to imagine going forward in school without the skills I have learned in this class. The talks about information literacy were definitely a highlight in this course. My experience in this class has been a positive one. Professor Hopkins, the teaching assistant, and all my classmates have been a pleasure to work

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