Argumentative Essay - Argument Essay

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Argument Essay
What if I told you that the reason teens not being able to go to bed before 11 isn’t mainly their fault. Sure if they 're watching YouTube eating, and drinking energy drinks all night long than we could say that this is primarily the reason they complain about being tired for school. But what about the kids that find themselves tossing and turning all night long until they realize they 're alarm just went off. Various students find themselves waking up anywhere from 6am, to 7am right before their bus comes. being woken up by their obnoxious “ring” of their alarms, they must use every ounce of energy; and get out of bed for school. Once the willpower to get out of a warm bed is found, before you know it you 're riding in an oversized taxi with seats colder than the devil 's heart. Once the battle is over, and the white flags are drawn up; you are finally at school. Eye boogers are oozing from tear ducts, layers of bags under eyes, and before the chance of yawning is offered, the bell rings and immediately we nose dive into the day. It’s a war that students have been fighting since they were kids. Let 's face it school is just starting too early for all students to be able to work efficiently .
We have done it this way for centuries, parents get the kids ready in the morning ship them off to school while mom and dad are at work. Why does it have to be that way? For most of the year we are waking up before the mother of light is awoken; (in Minnesota) the sun.…

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