Is Illegal Immigration Beneficial To America

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Illegal immigrants are usually considered a problem in the U.S. Is that the truth? Or have people overlooked the facts and evidence proving how beneficial they are. There are Americans who believe that undocumented immigrants cause economic, social, and violent problems to the country. However, in reality, they do the opposite and provide an improved life for immigrants and their families. Illegal immigration is beneficial to America because the positive aspects outweigh the negative. Without the support that illegal immigrants bring, the U.S. economy would become severely damaged. Most immigrants come to the U.S. to work and live their life. They do their part by working the jobs that most Americans would honestly not take which are low paying …show more content…
Once again this is simply a fact that usually ignores the reality and people against immigration believe that the answer is to deport them, however, to detain an immigrant is actually the most expensive to dealing with them. Just like Ana Defillo explains about the immigration system, “ICE spends over 2 billion a year to detain immigrants. To detain one person, it costs an average of $164 dollars a day. More effective community-based programs can cost as little as $12 per day per person”(Defillo 4). Immigrants not only help the economy by their jobs but also by staying here, which is why the U.S should not deport so many …show more content…
Perhaps, then, it is time for the country to take a deep, collective breath, stop trafficking in fantasies and face reality that the only system that ever proved effective in dealing with Mexican nationals wanting to come to America for work was the one abandoned in 1964, when some were given residence and others received temporary visas. Maybe, in this case, the answer for the future can be found in the past (Eichenwald 6).
The number of issues people have with illegal immigrants would be less with a better system. This is a prime example of lowering the illegal amount, but not kicking them out without a second thought. One could believe that immigrants are a danger to the U.S. and its citizens. Drug trafficking happens often from immigrants and people feel that violence and terrorism come from them. Although not all immigrants are criminals, a majority of prisoners are outsiders. However, this could be from injustice or profiling. The people who have faith in this consider banning immigration a high priority and express that immigrants are here to spread violence. They also believe that undocumented immigrants do not care about the law and should be deported in order to keep illegal immigrants from becoming a large portion of the United States (Eichenwald

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