Argumentative Essay About Illegal Immigrants

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Illegal immigrants are usually considered a problem in the U.S. Is that the truth? Or have people overlooked the facts and evidence proving how beneficial they are. There are Americans who believe that undocumented immigrants cause economic, social, and violent problems to the country. However, in reality, they do the opposite and provide an improved life for immigrants and their families. Illegal immigration is beneficial to America because the positive aspects outweigh the negative. Without the support that illegal immigrants bring, the U.S. economy would become severely damaged. Most immigrants come to the U.S. to work and live their life. They do their part by working the jobs that most Americans would honestly not take which are low paying …show more content…
for the good of the country and for the families of those immigrants. No one wants to feel like they do not belong and that they are illegal. At the very least a person should have a chance to stay in the U.S. A person’s race should not represent whether they are dangerous, or malicious. Allowing ways for undocumented immigrants is important because humans are all technically one race. Whether a person should have the right to a safe home, a job, or to stay with their loved ones should not be in the hands of others. From this argument, a person should take from it is that immigrants are usually hardworking, good people who come here for a chance to achieve the ‘American Dream’. This idea became established to allow immigrants to enter and be a part of this country just as any other native-born would. However, over the years, this idea has become a horror since the dream is now struggling to stay in the country as a refugee and working at a terribly conditioned job. Also in a lot of instances, having to put up with racism; whether it is from fear or hatred. No matter how many objections are for immigration, without them, the U.S. would lose many benefits immigrants

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