Essay on Argumentation And The On The Human Society

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Argumentation has been long an area of interest for the human society, as the need to be able to form a persuasive argument became more apparent. It is a topic that has been explored and studied since the era of the ancient Greece by philosophers to the extent that it was an accepted part of the western education. While argumentation is a form of discourse that is defined as the act of forming arguments and conclusions, it is a broad definition that includes various types of dialogues where arguments are used (Moens, 2013).

There are many tools for studying discourses, their structure and complexity, one being dialogue games. Dialogue games usually have two or more participants partake in the dialogue. However some games can be in a monological format as well. A simple way to explaining the game is that a dialogue game is a conversation with a goal that is known to all participants. The aim of these games vary, Walton uses them to research fallacies (Walton D.N, 1984), but dialogue games can also be used to analyse the structures and strategies of a discourse, or to model the interaction between the participants of a game. Walton suggested two aspects in approaching fallacies, the first one being that the type of the dialogue, as well as the rules of the dialogue game, is added to the examination of fallacies because they do have an influence. There are many different types of games and the end goal (which differs from the aim of the game) of the game is dependent on what…

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