Argument For The Rights Of Undocumented Minors Essay

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Title: Arguing for the Rights of Undocumented Minors, to attend public primary and secondary schools.

“Education is they key to unlock the golden door of freedom.” - George Washington Carver

We may all can concede education is a key aspect to a brighter future, not allowing undocumented minors the right to attend public schools is excluding these minors by not giving them the benefit of the doubt to brighten their future. Many high-achieving young undocumented immigrants face challenges in pursuing higher education, according to Sonali Kohli college campuses are “undocufriendly” labeling and discriminating against these minors because of the lack of funds and financial aid. Not granting access to education to these minors and acknowledging their talents because of their legal status is unreasonable. In fact, Robert Teranishi, education professor at UCLA conducted a study showing “ undocumented students surveyed had better GPAs than U.S. undergraduates as a whole.” Teranishi, added, it makes sense that undocumented students have higher GPAs than American Undergraduates as whole because they often need scholarships or financial aid to attend college, and the bar for securing that fundings is very high.

Certainly, securing the funds are extremely high as well as the factors of finding colleges that are “docufriendly” is one the main issues. More than half, of respondents approximately 61 % indicates “that their household income was less than $30,000.”

Many argue…

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