Driving Age Research Paper

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Driving Age Is Good As Is Sixteen probably is the best birthday of of a kid’s life because they get their license, but people are trying to take that freedom away from teens. Teen driving have killed many teenagers in the last few years, so one idea to fix this problem is to raise the minimum driving age, but there are others ways to fix this problem before going to extremes. Teens will fix anything just so they can have the keys, but politicians don’t get that, they think since people are getting killed we should just ban it. Teens driving relieves parents , people need to learn how to drive, and it is the first step to teen freedom. When kids turn sixteen, they get their first major step to freedom, their drivers license, and people no person should be able to take that away.

Turning 16 is awesome, especially if the teenager’s parents teach them how to drive. If juveniles know how to drive, they are able have a wider perspectum of jobs. Say a teenager works at a gas station that delivers fuel to house and also has full service
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Teens can’t wait to move out, so they can show that they are responsible which is what they want their parents to be able to trust them. “The first step to freedom is driving” (sks.sris.com). Teens work three long years to build up the trust of their parents. Teens want their parents to think that they are responsible and that they can trust them to be on time and follow the rules/ laws. The drivers license, is a big jump of freedom to teens. When adults take the drivers license from teens, its like saying no to their kids when they say they are moving out. The drivers license is just a lower step of moving out of the parents basement.The freedom of the open road comes with many hardships, following all the laws and following all of the parent’s rules. “Parent’s don’t want this” (sks.sirs.com) because they want to see their children grow up although it hurts them because they love them so

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