Essay Against The Death Penalty

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The need to decide what to do with law breaking citizens has been a controversial issue throughout the ages. Some people believe that being in a prison for the rest of their lives is enough punishment for these criminals. However, one can see that society, instead, is punished twice. First, the criminals violate society through heinous felonies. Then, it is financially depleted by supporting these criminals until they die in prison. Although there are many arguments against the death penalty, various and numerous reasons, backed up by facts, argue for it. The ensuing paragraphs will justify why the death penalty is beneficial to society and its citizens the most.
The majority of individuals in the U.S. agree with the legal option of capital punishment for crimes like murder("National Polls and Studies."). Before execution, convicts guilty of murder, treason, or espionage, are placed on Death Row (Issitt&Newton. "Death Penalty: An Overview."). The facilities where they’re kept aren’t the finest of places, but they still need to be maintained. Furthermore, extensive review of a convict’s case must be carried out before they can be executed, creating yet another expense(Pearce, Matt. "Counterpoint: Defending The Death Penalty."). During this process, the felons need to be kept imprisoned. However, this
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Nevertheless, this only occurs statistically 4% of the time. Better scientific advances and technology could lower this to 0%( In addition, it honors the victims and slakes their loved ones through justice. These executions are also humane. They aren't public like they were before 1936, and they are instantaneous due to the most common kind being lethal injections(Pearce, Matt: Points of View Death

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