Argo Essay

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Being Courageous

The movie "Argo" is about what happened during the Iran hostage crisis. The CIA and Hollywood collaborated in a life-or-death covert operation to rescue six Americans. The CIA agent named Tony Mendez snuck into Iran to bring back six American diplomats who were hiding with a Canadian household. In the Movie "Argo", the director, Ben Affleck showed the tension between the U.S and Iran by using memory, reason, emotion and faith by this time. The director showed the strain between the U.S and Iran by using memory, because the movie itself is based on a true incident which happened in 1979. In 1979, the American embassy in Iran was invaded by Iranian revolutionaries and several Americans were taken
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For instance people like "Tony Mendez". He is a kind of person that people can have their faith in him. Not only this but also, "faith" plays the second big role in this movie because if the 6 Americans did not have faith in the Canadian Ambassadors they would not have stayed at his plays; so as for Tony because if they did not have enough faith in him, he probably would not have made it through by rescuing them. The other term of "faith" in this movie could be how Iranians did not have faith in the U.S that basically U.S had nothing to do with their nation.

In conclusion it can be clearly said that, Ben Affleck, the director, pointed out the tension between the U.S and Iran in 1979 very cleverly by using memory, reasoning, emotion and faith to teach the general people especially, the kids of this generation about the history, to be courageous and a risk taker. Even though he made this movie to point out of what happened in the Iran Hostage Crisis, he mainly chose to make it to teach people a lesson of not stepping back from any kind of

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