Are We Not Making Education Easier Too? Essay

1392 Words Dec 13th, 2016 6 Pages
Today’s technology has surpassed many of us. It has become smarter than most of us, and is able to help make our daily lives more manageable. Most Americans admit to having an electronic device with internet access because it makes life easier. Why then, are we not making education easier too? In most public schools, textbooks are still the main source of teaching material. With the fast-changing world around us, books become outdate soon after their publication and are then sent to schools to teach the outdated material. Using textbooks in public schools can also lead to health problems for students. Back and shoulder problems caused from carrying too heavy of a backpack for the size of the child has been reported(webmd). Tablets are the future of the world, and with the ability to advance education, why aren’t they in schools?
Changing from textbooks to tablets in public schools would make information readily available to teachers and children that would be able to continually update with the most current information. It would also lighten the load of books and paper work students have to carry to and from school. Technology today has far exceeded our expectations. With it being in almost every household, why aren’t we using it at school? Tablets should replace textbooks because they can easily be updated with current information, and they eliminate the need for carrying heavy textbooks to and from school. Tablets are able to store many different types of media, as well…

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