Are Vegetarians And Meat Eaters? Essay

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“People are generally intimidated when we spout arguments for becoming vegetarian” (Smith A13). People have different perspectives about food. Some people have a preference for eating vegetables instead of meat. While, others prefer meat as their main dish for dinner. As an alternative, there are people who eat both meat and vegetables. However, people who eat mostly vegetables and fruits are known as vegetarians. On the other hand, others prefer to eat meat and are considered as meat eaters. Some vegetarians won’t eat meat because they blame humans for killing animals in slaughter houses and extinguish them. On the other hand, meat eaters are against eating vegetables because they would not consider themselves as "rabbits". These two groups of people have some disagreements in society related to their food preferences. According to their diets, vegetarians and meat eaters have some similarities and some differences in the way they live. Vegetarians can be compared with meat eaters because these two groups believe that what they eat is correct, they get nutrients from the foods they consume, but they can be contrasted because vegetarians have less body fat than meat eaters, and meat eaters have more possibilities to develop diseases than vegetarians. To begin with, vegetarians and meat eaters think that the food they eat is the proper to consume. Some people who are not vegetarians would ask a vegetarian how they possibly not eat meat. Those people might think that meat…

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